Smart Vacation Rental Marketing begins with Gueststream – Streamline your marketing efforts with our multi-faceted VRPConnector WordPress Plugin. The VRPConnector is THE essential marketing tool for any property manager or WordPress developer looking to easily and dynamically integrate property data into their WordPress website.

VRPConnector comes with a fully functional theme, which is also a convenient jumping-off point for customization.

We offer a marketing tool that meets the demands of today’s consumer-on-the-go. By providing a plugin that supports fully responsive WordPress themes, it will adapt to any mobile device or tablet. Market and book properties from your website using a simple WordPress plugin that also provides the user with a seamless mobile booking experience. Beginning with their initial date range availability search, browsing photos, description, rates, amenities, to ultimately booking their stay, the VRPConnector Plugin quickly turns your website into a mobile-friendly booking experience for your customers.

Gueststream’s VRPConnector WordPress Plugin is:


  • Simple and quick to set up.
  • Install and activate the plugin, input your vacation rental software credentials and all your vacation rentals will be listed for you to review.
  • Add just the properties you want to show up on your site or click one button to add them all.
  • You will immediately have responsive mobile-friendly property pages that can be searched, browsed, and booked.

The shortcode [vrpSearchForm] allows you to add a property search anywhere on your site


  • Dynamically search all vacation rentals you are managing, through your vacation rental software, that have been added to your WordPress site.


  • Easily sort through photos with the swipe of a finger or the click of a mouse.
  • All vacation rental information and photos are pulled directly from your vacation rental software API, so they are always up to date and easy to view.

VRPConnector is open source and thoroughly documented on GitHub.

Open Source

  • The VRPConnector plugin is open source and the code and documentation is made available via GitHub.

VRPConnector on GitHub
Shortcode Documentation
Theming Documentation