Support and Maintenance Blocks

Gueststream customers who wish to have Gueststream provide ongoing software support and/or Webmaster duties must purchase a maintenance block to fund support/maintenance needs.

Discounted pre-paid maintenance block details:

  • Maintenance Blocks must be pre-purchased to receive the 33% discount
  • Discounted 10-hour pre-paid support/maintenance block is $1,000.  This is a 33% discount off the regular $1,500 price
  • The maintenance block hours/minutes never expire
  • If there is something wrong with a customer website or the VRPc that is the responsibility of Gueststream, the problem will be fixed and no minutes will be charged against the block of time
  • Time can be used for website design or programming
  • Time cannot be used for Internet Marketing Services, including work or consultation on SEO, SEM, PPC or other Marketing related topics
  • Blocks cannot be used for large projects.  For example, multiple blocks cannot be purchased to fund a website redesign project
  • Unless telephone support is needed, general support communication is via our support ticket system.  Phone support can be requested for an additional cost
  • Time is charged by the minute with no minimums
  • Fees are non-refundable

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