Your website: work of art or business tool? Believe it or not, there is a big difference. Too often webmasters and property managers focus excessively on the “look” of the website and forget about the end result – booking rooms and generating revenue.

At GuestStream, we understand the balance between art and function and have over ten years of design experience combining the two. It is important that your website is an accurate representation of your business and that you are happy with the design layout. Once these demands are met, there is a myriad of components that must be carefully inserted into the design to ensure that the website visitor:

  • Realizes an accurate search result
  • Trusts you and your website
  • Finds key information accurate, timely and accessible
  • Navigates the pages of your website in a manner that is favorable
  • Converts or books a room
  • Each of the above five components has within it many subcomponents that are equally important in the success of a website. When all of these details are meticulously combined to create a cohesive design, you are assured a beautiful website design that will out-perform your competition.

Partner with Gueststream to create a new website or a redesign of your existing website that is sure to meet all of your and your website visitors’ needs. Add Gueststream Internet Marketing Services (IMS) to your new hotel website design and achieve higher occupancy and additional online revenue, guaranteed!

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