In 2012, 87% of travelers made their travel plans online rather than offline. While this trend continues to widen the gap between online and offline bookers it is important to strategically place your website in front of those looking to book travel online. At GuestStream we cover all your online marketing needs using search engine optimization techniques along with effective online advertising channels to increase your reservation revenue. Over 77% of online travelers initiate their planning with search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Our Internet Marketing Services Plans provide a low cost high return-on-investment marketing strategy. Implementation of a systematic and focused online marketing plan is the only way to ensure that your website is your absolute lowest cost distribution channel. IMS Plans and Pricing

GuestStream will customize your online marketing plan to focus on your specific needs and target the areas where the most attention is needed. It is important for us at GuestStream to not only use the proper online marketing channels, to optimize your website for the right audience, and to increase your reservation revenue but to also educate our clients on the effectiveness of those efforts.

We provide monthly revenue and traffic reports which show exactly where your marketing dollars are paying off. We take the time to explain fluctuations in traffic or revenue and develop solutions to address an evolving market,  seasonal changes, and technology changes that will effect on your overall marketing strategy.  Our Internet Marketing Services plans are powerful, educational and flexible.