Escapia users can now select their default photo size

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We have implemented a new setting today that allows VRP users using Escapia to select the default photo size when importing property data. Previously the default photo size was set to Large which is a fixed size of 640 pixels wide and 547 pixels in height.  You can now choose to use the Original photo size that was uploaded to your Escapia admin panel.  Using the default Large photo size is convenient in that you will always have the same size photo every time however photos that are 640×547 don’t work well when you want to use them as full page sliders, they simply don’t fill the screen.  This feature allows you to take control of the media you upload to Escapia and use it to its fullest capacity.

Be careful though, this option will return the original size for all of your photos.  If you upload some photos that are very large in size and some photos that are small then you will end up with a mixed bag of photo sizes.  This option adds flexibility but will rely on you to maintain consistency with the photo sizes.

Here’s a quick video showing how to change this setting in the VRP.


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