How CaymanVacation took advantage of our SEO/Development plans.


The team at Cayman Vacation (CV) are veterans in the Vacation Rental industry with over 28 years of experience and currently offers over 300 of the finest vacation rental accommodation properties on Grand Cayman.

We were assigned the task of giving the site a fresh, new, modern design that combined with the SEO campaign drives more traffic and increases the conversion rate for more bookings.


We first focused our efforts on targeting keywords & getting CV ranking among the top search engines. With progress already starting to look promising, our SEO & Development team worked side-by-side optimizing the new website to attract and guide potential guests to place a reservation.


The first month of our SEO efforts saw;

  • Multiple keywords reaching Top pages on various search engines
  • 17% increase in website traffic
  • 48% increase from mobile devices
  • Decreased the bounce rate by 52%
  • Increased revenue by 8%

Increased revenue from mobile devices by a  whopping 488%!

CV's new homepage

CV with a new coat of paint!