Vacation Rental Smart Technologies

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As technology becomes more and more a part of our daily lives, property managers need to think about how this can affect business. One technological upgrade to consider in your vacation rentals is a Digital Smart Locking System. As a property manager, the nightmare of lost keys and guest lockouts can be something of the past. By upgrading other systems in your properties and turning them into Smart Homes, you could completely overhaul your guests’ experiences. With digital smart locking systems like Kaba and Parakeet, you can make your guests’ experience that much more fluid and stress-free.

“Parakeet is a vacation rental property management automation platform built for property management professionals. Our system allows for centralized remote access control of primary property functions like door locks, garage doors, thermostat as well as freeze/flood sensors and has the ability to scale from a single property to hundreds of properties. The core of our software is engineered to give property managers the control, oversight and flexibility they need to grow their businesses by eliminating many of their current costly inefficiencies and allowing them to focus on their main goal – increasing bookings.” – Parakeet

Gueststream’s theWelcomeApp integrates with Kaba and Parakeet to provide such services as:

  • unique key codes for each guest so that you don’t have to deal with any more lost keys or guest lockouts
  • twenty-four hour check-in with remote lock/unlock features
  • digital house manual to provide info regarding TV, local attractions, local eateries, recommendations, etc., that can automatically be updated with new information without printing a new manual
  • ability to communicate with the guests directly through the app
  • real time push notifications
  • guest reporting
  • follow-up of maintenance issues

Consider also adding other features to make your rentals complete smart homes. Additions for in-home entertainment would be a universal remote and a subscription service like Apple TV, Netflix or Amazon Video. Other home systems that can be made completely digital include thermostats, sprinkler systems, security systems, and many more. Upgrade to technologically smart homes and learn how vacation rental property management can be less stressful.

Vacation Rental Industry Tech

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Modernization, by way of technology, is essential to keeping up with peers and the wider hospitality industry. One such crucial necessity is an automated responder. All vacation rental management companies understand the necessity of being able to respond to inquiries as soon as possible. If an inquiry is not addressed in a timely manner, the interested consumer will find what they are searching for somewhere else, causing you to lose business. Nobody likes the idea of losing money when something like this could have been avoided.

Gueststream’s IRM (Inquiry Response Manager) AUTOMATICALLY responds to all inquiries from VRBO, HomeAway, FlipKey, and others. The IRM from Gueststream allows you to respond to every inquiry with an automated, branded and customized response email within a matter of seconds. This, in turn, allows your business to respond immediately to any and all inquiries twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Adding an automated responder to your business is just one of the many ways you can increase revenue without increasing your workload. We can integrate with several Property Management Softwares to include:

  • Entech (ISILink/Homeaway Software)
  • Property Plus (ISILink/Homeaway Software)
  • First Resort Software/AV Main (FRS) (ISILink/Homeaway Software)
  • V12 (ISILink/Homeaway Software)
  • Escapia (EscapiaNET/Homeaway Software)
  • Barefoot (iLink)
  • Rental Network Software (RNS)

By connecting directly to your Property Management Software, The Gueststream IRM can fetch availability, rates, taxes, photos and more in order to respond to the customer’s inquiry immediately.

Stop missing unseen inquiries from interested customers and integrate the technology of an Automated Responder like Gueststream’s IRM into your property management business. Increase your revenue without the additional workload and experience a much better response from potential customers.