As the online space for vacation rentals gets crowded, there is a significant chance of your listings being lost in the crowd. It is crucial to understand and learn the nuances of how you can make your listing stand out and thus increase your online vacation rental bookings. Here are 4 simple tips that can help you maximize your vacation rentals business online.


Create the Right Visuals

An image can replace a hundred words. A high-quality image is an absolute must when it comes to online representation of your vacation rentals. Ensure that you use good lights and a high-quality camera to capture the pictures of your property. Also, try and capture the highlights of the property rather than random insignificant shots of the same area.


Use the Right Title

One of the biggest mistakes people make is using generic titles. You’ll read a lot of “beautiful condo” or “Unit C” as titles of the vacation rentals. Using simple yet descriptive titles that highlight the essence of your property will yield better results. For instance “Sunrise Facing Beach Condo” sounds a lot more appealing than “Beach Condo”.


Focus on the Description

Many people tend to be a little skimpy with the description. A couple of lines don’t do the trick anymore. It is always more beneficial to list the property with adequate information and useful details. Don’t make it sound like a real estate listing like “3 bedroom condo, 2 bathrooms, and huge living space”. You want the description to be as unique and appealing to potential guests as possible.


Location is Primary

We’ve observed that properties with accurate locations specified tend to sell better as opposed to the ones with generic locations. Not everyone wants to stay in a “prime location” like downtown as they could prefer quiet solitude, and that is okay. This sets the expectation right away and makes it easier for guests to choose where they’d like to stay.


The above mentioned are simple ways to ensure that you can boost the revenue made from your online vacation rentals.